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S&S U-ring f/Stock CV carb to manifold

760528 - S&S U-ring f/Stock CV carb to manifold Your Price 47,06 €  

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Article-No.: 760528
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 06-036
Manufacturer/Distribution: S&S Cycle / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 27002-89


Part Description:

U-ring f/Stock CV carb to manifold

Catalog Text:

Individual engine gaskets, O-rings and seals. Complete gasket sets are separately listed elsewhere in this chapter. Note: Sold to dealers in pack quantities as listed. Required quantities are indicated between parenthesis, for example like (2).

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06-036 HELMETS & AUDIO PRIMARY & CLUTCH CONTROL CABLES & HYDRAULIC LINES OIL, OIL FILTERS & OIL COOLERS SEAT TRANSMISSION FOOT CONTROLS HARDWARE EXHAUST GASKET & SEALS FRONT FORKS WINDSHIELD ELECTRIC & LIGHT FINAL DRIVE FRAME & REAR SUSPENSION LUGGAGE ENGINE ELECTRICS WHEELS & TIRES FENDER & STRUTS TOOLS & CHEMICALS INTAKE BRAKE GAS & OIL TANK TECH TIPS & CROSS REF OEM>ZPN ENGINE HANDLEBAR, HAND CONTROLS & MIRRORS GAUGES & DASHES ALPHABETICAL INDEX 795057 S&S High-Flow manifold for Milwaukee Eight (OEM 27300121) This cast aluminum High-Flow manifold adds 3-5 HP and is straight replacement for the stock polymer unit. Comes complete with rubber seal. A must-have for top-level performance. Fits all 2017 to present Touring, all 2017 to present Trike and all 2018 to present Softail. 19885 S&S PERFORMANCE MANIFOLD FOR MILWAUKEE EIGHT 781711 Intake manifold wrench Make life easier when removing the intake manifold on Evolution engines with this handy wrench. Cuts an hour job in half and pays itself back after the first job. No more need to remove the complete gas tank, this angled wrench with ball-end allows you to remove the carburetor manifold directly from 1986 thru 2006 Sportster and 1984 thru 1999 Big Twin models. 1712 YOST INTAKE MANIFOLD WRENCH 782644 Fits 1988-2003 Sportster (OEM 27004-88A) 782645 Fits 2004-2006 Sportster (OEM 27024-04) 769086 Fits 1990-2000 Evolution Big Twin (OEM 27019-89A) 769087 Fits 1999-2006 Twin Cam (OEM 27613-99) Stock replacement manifolds for the stock Keihin CV carburetor. 1711 MANIFOLDS FOR STOCK CV CARBURETOR Fits 2006-2017 88, 96 & 103CI Twin Camwith stock heads and 1999-2005 Twin Camwith S&S 100 CI cylinder kits and stock heads 750028 Super E manifold, 1 7/8" (47.5mm) throat size 751507 Super G manifold, 2 1/16" (52mm) throat size 236951 S&S Manifold seal, each 236952 S&S Manifold seals, 10-pack Fits stock Twin Cammodels thru 2005 as well as with S&S 95CI and 107CI cylinder kits and stock heads 750262 Super E manifold, 1 7/8" (47.5mm) throat size 233456 Super G manifold, 2 1/16" (52mm) throat size These cast aluminum manifolds are originally designed for use with S&S Super E and Super G carburetors but can also be used with our ZPN232403 billet manifold adapter to fit any spigot type carburetor, such as Mikuni HSR42, QwikSilver etc. Fits Twin Cam models 1999 thru 2017. Note: Does not work with OEM style manifold seals, order special S&S seals separately. 1710 S&S MANIFOLDS FOR TWIN CAM MODELS 234523 S&S manifold for stock CV carburetor on 1990-2000 Evolution Big Twin. Optimized for use with S&S heads (OEM 27019-89A) 746882 S&S #397 size manifold for stock CV carburetor on 1990-2000 Evolution Big Twin with 88CI S&S Big Bore kit (S&S 160-1733) 760548 S&S manifold for stock CV carburetor on 1999 thru 2006 Twin Cam (OEM 27613-99) 760528 S&S Manifold seal for stock 42mm Keihin CV carburetor, each 760529 S&S Manifold seal for Screamin' Eagle 44 thru 48mm Keihin CV carburetor, each 238929 Manifold seal to install a Mikuni HSR45 on a CV style manifold, James Gaskets, 5-pack Stronger than stock precision cast aluminum manifold for use with a stock Keihin CV, Mikuni HSR45 or Screamin' Eagle CV carburetor on 1990 thru 1999 Evolution Big Twins or 1999 thru 2006 Twin Cams. Made by S&S. Note: Install with S&S manifold seal rings as listed below. Must be ordered separately and are sold each. 1709 S&S MANIFOLD FOR STOCK CV, MIKUNI HSR & SCREAMIN' EAGLE CARBURETORS 232318 Stock width, fits Big Twin 1984 thru 1999 234916 Stock width, fits Sportster 1986 thru 2006 236951 S&S Manifold seal, each 236952 S&S Manifold seals, 10-pack These manifolds can be used as a stock replacement as well as conversion kits for 1984 thru 1989 Big Twin models to eliminate the cracking and leaking prob- lems associated with the stock "rubber" compliance fittings and manifolds. This is accomplished by mounting the carburetor like stock 1990 and later Big Twins and 1986 to present Evolution Sportsters using rigid style induction tracts. The manifolds are designed to improve induction tract air flow and they change the way a stock carburetor and air cleaner assembly fit. This means that these components may require spacing and/or a slight change in mounting bracket(s). Works with S&S ES, LS, Super B, Super E, Tillotson, Bendix, and Keihin butterfly carburetors, NOT Keihin CV carburetors. Note: Special S&S manifold seals includ- ed, does not work with OEM style mani- fold seals. 1708 S&S MANIFOLD KITS 234039 Front flange, each (OEM 27009-86B) 734039 Front flange, dealer 5-pack (OEM 27009-86B) 234040 Rear flange, each (OEM 27010-86B) 734040 Rear flange, dealer 5-pack (OEM 27010-86B) 740343 Intake manifold seals, dealer 10-pack (OEM 26995-86A) These flanges fit 1990-2006 Sportster, Evolution Big Twin 1986 thru 1999 and Twin Cam models 1999 thru 2017, except 2017 Softail, with rigid mount style intake manifolds and also fit our S&S rigid mount manifold kits. O-ring seal not included. 1707 S&S MANIFOLD MOUNTING FLANGES 027404 Front manfold mounting flange (OEM 27009-86B) 027405 Rear manfold mounting flange (OEM 27010-86B) These flanges fit Sportster 1990-2006, Evolution Big Twin 1986-1999 and Twin Cam 1999-2017, except 2017 Softail, with rigid mount style intake manifolds and also fit our S&S rigid mount manifold kits. O-ring seal not included. 1706 GENUINE ZODIAC MANIFOLD FLANGES 027561 Stock size (OEM 26993-06) 027560 For larger than stock throttle bodies, internal diameter of 2 5/8" (59 mm) These mounting flanges fit all 2006-2017 Twin Cam models. Stock size flanges are cast, over stock size are are CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum. Both are beautifully chrome plated. Sold in sets of two and come complete with 2 Allen head and 2 hex head mounting screws. 1705 CHROME THROTTLE BODY MOUN TING FLANGES ,Ȧ7ș.ȝ MANIFOLDS (Site 366)


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