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CCE Intake Seal Kit Pack 5.0

091016 - CCE Intake Seal Kit Pack 5.0 Your Price 44,67 €  

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Article-No.: 091016
Packaging Unit: 5(Pack)
Catalog page: 8.22
Manufacturer/Distribution: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 26995-86A 27002-89


Part Description:

Intake Seal Kit

Fits: 88-06 Sportster, 90-94 FX Model, 91-06 Dyna, 90-06 Softail, 90-06 Touring

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8.22 8 Intake Seal Kit This kit contains the parts neces- sary to reseal the intake manifold on Big Twins from 90-Up and Sportster models from 88-Up. Kits sold in packs of 5. 091016 Intake Seal Kit. (repl. OEM 26995-86A and 27002-89) Manifold Adapter O-Ring Kit These adapters allow almost any possible combination of early (o-ring) or late (rubberband) manifolds and heads to be con- verted to the superior sealing 78-85 style rubberband intake seals and clamps. Kit includes 4 standard adapters and 2 stroker adapters. Standard adapters also work great on damaged o-ring style heads or cylinders. Stroker adapters convert most o-ring manifolds to stroker length. 040351 Adapter kit Note: Manifold not included. Intake Seals for Sportster Models & Big Twin Models Carburetor to intake manifold seals for Big Twin and Sportster models with CV carbs from 91-06. Replaces OEM 27002-89. (pack of 10) 54422 Intake Seals Billet Flange Manifold Adapter This adapter allows the use of a Mikuni HSR42 or late model Keihin CV carburetor on a Shovel- head, Panhead, Sportster, or early Evolution model with 2-bolt flange manifold. Each unit is CNC- machined from billet aluminum. 040324 Manifold Adapter Vulcan Engineering Mikuni Hi-Flo Carb Back Manifolds Precision Machined bore. Tappers from Mikuni outlet diameter to S&S manifold inlet size. Substantial flow increase using S&S’s larger plenum intake mani- fold. Ideal for stroker & big bore motors that require odd length intake manifolds. Includes O-ring & metric hardware. 668153 HSR-42 Mikuni to S&S B&E manifold 668154 HSR-45 Mikuni to S&S B&E manifold 668155 HSR-45 Mikuni to S&S G manifold Intake Manifold Flanges Fit Evolution Sportster models 86-03 and Big Twin models 90-05. Also fit RevTech and S&S manifolds for Evolution models. 59432 Front and rear intake flange set. Sold as pair. 54150 Intake manifold seals (replaces OEM 26995-86A) pack of 10. Custom Velocity Stack Air Cleaner Do you like the looks of a velocity stack but don’t want unfiltered air in your engine? Then this is your air filter, made of billet aluminum and available in chrome or black finish. Fits all CV Carb & EFI mod- els, mounting kits sold separately. 688175 Intake manifold flange set 07-17 XL 688176 Intake manifold flange set 06-16 Big Twins 688177 Oversize intake manifold flange set 07-16 Big Twins 688176 Flange-Style Adaptors Adaptors for Mikuni and Lectron carbs. Constructed of reinforced, temperature-resistant synthetic rubber, these versatile adaptors permit the mounting of 36-44mm spigot-style carbs to all stock flange-style manifolds. 17372 Fits mounting 36-38mm spigot-style carbs to flange-style manifolds with a 2 3/4" cen- ter-to-center stud spac- ing 17388 Rubber carburetor cou- pler, Replacement adapt- er for Mikuni ‘HS40’ smoothbore carburetor kits with 2 15/16" cen- ter-to-center stud spac- ing Chrome Manifold Flange Set Fits Big Twin models 90-05 and Sportster models 86-03. 260097 Replaces OEMs 27009- 86A and 27010-86A Vulcan Engineering S&S 1” & 3/8” Carb Spacers Billet Aluminum, O-ringed Groved Works with 5 & 6 Gallon Fat Bobs 668158 1” Super B&E 668159 1” Super G 668160 1” Super D 668161 3/8”Super B&E Manifold Flange Set Fits rigid style intake, set of two for 84-05 Big Twin and 86 - 06 XL models. 607821 Flange Set S&S Carburetor Spacer Block A 1"-thick alloy spacer for use with 1 7/8"-bore flange mount carburetors like S&S, RevTech, some QwikSilver carbs, and oth- ers. Useful for clearance with large gas tanks. 45749 Sold each Manifold Spacer for Flange-Mount Carbs 7/16"-thick insulating spacer with gaskets for all carbs having 23/4" cen- ter-to-center stud mounting. Original Equipment on Bendix and Keihin carbs from 78-89 to prevent engine heat from being transferred to the carbu- retor. Replaces OEMs 29250-78A and 27077-78. Sold each. 17375 Manifold Spacer


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