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GZP Clutch release lever chrome

051253 - GZP Clutch release lever chrome Your Price 46,98 €  

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Article-No.: 051253
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 08-051
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 37054-79


Part Description:

Chrome clutch release lever 4 speed

Catalog Text:

Chrome plated replacement clutch release lever for late style 4 Speed Big Twins. Fits FL models 1979-1984 and FX models 1979-1985 (OEM 37054-79).

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one Site back 08-051 BIGTWIN 4 SPEED & EARLY 5 SPEED CLUTCH 3Ȫ,ȥ$Ȫ< &Ȥ8Ȭ&Ƞ 292061 Chrome, Genuine Zodiac 780220 Parkerized, V-Twin Mfg. Clutch release lever, fits 1937-1984 4 Speed Big Twins (1968-1978 hand shift only). Must also be used when installing a Jockey shift conversion kit (OEM 37051-36 & 37052-65). 2780 MOUSETRAP CLUTCH RELEASE LEVER 301381 Mousetrap cover Chrome plated reproduction of the long obsolete Harley mousetrap mechanism cover. A perfect copy improved with a super chrome finish. Fits FL models 1952 thru 1967 (OEM 38495-52). 2779 MOUSETRAP COVER FOR HARLEY FL 291228 Eliminator bracket Eliminates mousetrap linkage on pre-1968 models and converts them to the late model soft pull linkage. Use in combination with our clutch release lever (ZPN292060), clutch cable and handlebar clutch lever assy. 2778 MOUSETRAP ELIMINATOR BRACKET 051253 Chrome clutch release lever 4 speed Chrome plated replacement clutch release lever for late style 4 Speed Big Twins. Fits FL models 1979-1984 and FX models 1979-1985 (OEM 37054-79). 2777 CHROME CLUTCH RELEASE LEVER 4 SPEED A. 233438 Stock replacement adjusting screw (OEM 37357-41) B. 231559 Clutch pushrod adjusting screw with roller bearing C. 233439 Adjusting screw lock nut, galvanized, 10-pack (OEM 37361-41) C. 751022 Adjusting screw lock nut, galvanized, each (OEM 37361-41) D. 239465 Adjusting screw lock nut, black parkerized, Colony, each (OEM 37361-41) Clutch adjusting screw and lock nut for 1941 thru early 1984 Big Twin with the coil spring clutch. The version with the roller bearing is case hardened for maximum durability and is an inexpensive way to solve most problems caused by a worn out throw-out bearing. Order adjusting screw and lock nuts separately. 2776 PUSHROD ADJUSTING SCREW AND LOCK NUT 19411984 BIG TWIN 114028 Pull rod, for use with Mousetrap/Suicide set up, rod length 22 3/8" (OEM 36918-52) 782686 Pull rod for use with Mousetrap clutch on 1965-1967 FL & FLH, rod length 19 3/4" (OEM 36918-65) 114027 Pull rod, for use with old-style rocker clutch, rod length 18 3/8" (OEM 36917-36) 114023 Rod end (OEM 36916-36 & 36916-52) For use with Mousetrap, Suicide setup, and old style rocker clutch. All chrome finish. 2775 CLUTCH PULL RODS AND END 291256 Clutch release finger 4-Speed Big Twin 1941-1984 (OEM 37070-39) 238179 Clutch release finger 5-Speed Big Twin 1980-1986 (OEM 37084-79) 291258 Clutch release shaft 1941-1984 4-Speed (OEM 37074-38A) 789982 Clutch release shaft 1980-1986 5-Speed (OEM 37083-80A) Clutch release fingers for 1936-1984 4-speed Big Twin and 1980-1986 5-speed Big Twin. 2774 CLUTCH RELEASE FINGER 144193 Throw-out bearing, Genuine Zodiac (OEM 37310-39) 789240 Throw-out bearing, Eastern USA (OEM 37310-39) Fits all 1939 thru early 1975 Big Twins. 2773 EARLY STYLE THROWOUT BEARING BIG TWIN 233440 Fits 1975 thru 1984 (except diaphragm clutch) (OEM 37285-75), pushrod length 14 1/8" (358mm) 233441 Fits 1970 thru 1974 (OEM 37285-70), pushrod length 14" (355.5mm) 233442 Fits 1965 thru 1969 (OEM 37285-65), pushrod length 13 1/2" (343mm) 233443 Fits 1938 thru 1965 (OEM 37285-38), pushrod length 13 1/4" (336.5mm) These clutch rods are made from long wearing 4140 material. The adjusting screw side of the rod has been heat treated for maximum wear. 2771 PUSHRODS FOR 4 SPEED BIG TWIN COIL SPRING CLUTCH (Site 605)


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