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WAI Starter motor, Prestolite style. Chrome

519975 - WAI Starter motor, Prestolite style. Chrome Your Price 178,60 €  

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Article-No.: 519975
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 1266
Manufacturer/Distribution: WAI Global / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: 31458-66A


Part Description:

Starter motor, Prestolite style. Chrome

Chrome; Stock reproduction replacement

Fits: 67-80 XL; L66-82 FL; 80-83 FLT; 82-E83 FXR(NU)

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1266 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous ELECTRICAL - IGNITION, WIRING, STARTERS, REGULATORS & BATTERIES 15 HITACHI STARTER MOTORS Complete OEM 0.8kW reproduction style replacement Hitachi type starter motor. Fits 74-E76 XL; 82-84 FL; 74-88 FX; 84-88 FLT; L83-88 FXR. Repl. 31570-73. 519980 Chromed starter motor. Repl. 31559-89T 519981 Black starter motor. Repl. 31570-73 Replacement parts 504725 Armature with bearing. Repl. 31580-73 903735 Ball bearing, drive gear end. Repl. 31583-73 903740 Thru-bolt kit. Repl. 31576-73 903745 Brush set (4). Repl. 31582-73 and 31575-73 903750 Brush set and holder, kit. Repl. 31581-73 519975 STARTER SHAFT HOUSINGS Replacement starter shaft housing for Hitachi and Prestolite starters. Fits Big Twin models. Chain drive models 504000 65-E79 FL; 71-72 FX. (Prestolite). Repl. 31465-65 504005 73-E79 FX. (Hitachi). Repl. 31572-73 996579 L79-82 FL. (Prestolite). Repl. 31465-79 954012 L79-84 FX, FXWG (excl. FXB, FXSB); 84-85 FXST; 1985 FXEF. (Hitachi). Repl. 31572-79 904175 504005 519980 504000 PRESTOLITE STARTER MOTORS Complete replacement Prestolite type starter motor. Fits 67-80 XL; L66-82 FL; 80-83 FLT; 82-E83 FXR. Repl. 31458-66A. Starter motors 519975 Chrome 904175 Black Replacement parts 519240 Armature. Repl. 31542-66T 903770 Ball bearing, drive gear end. Repl. 9073 and 31539-66 903765 Thru-bolt kit. Repl. 31535-66 903755 Brush set (4). Repl. 31541-66 501255 Brushholder. Repl. 31537-66 Gaskets, starter mount Fits 67-80 XL. Repl. 31488-77. James 503050 Paper 970147 Foamet Cometic 561445 Paper ALL BALLS, STARTER MOTORS 1.4 kW high performance replacement for the stock 0.8kW starter. All Balls starters are manufactured in the USA and Canada. Available in a Hitachi and Prestolite version. Note: This starter produces 50%more torque and shaft speed. A300 CCAAGM style battery is recommended, as are 4 gauge battery cables to reach the full potential of this high performance starter. Chr. Black 530616 530615 66-88 B.T. (Hitachi). Repl. 31570-73 530618 530617 66-88 B.T. (Prestolite). Repl. 31458-66A 530616 530618 530615 530617 How do I quickly identify the starter motor on my 65-88 bike? Measure thread diameter of the long through (mounting) bolts. Prestolite bolts are approx. 6mm and Hitachi bolts are approx. 4mm in diameter. tech-tip 91


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