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GZP Muffler clamp 3 1/4" stainless #6529

061163 - GZP Muffler clamp 3 1/4" stainless #6529 Your Price 19,94 €  

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Article-No.: 061163
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 03-091
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 65293-58



3 1/4" Stainless Steel (OEM 65293-58)

Made of thick, 1" wide steel and available to fit three different diameters muffler bodies: 2 1/2", 2 7/8", 3 1/4". In chrome or Stainless Steel.

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one Site back 03-091 25 CROSSREF ZPN>PAGE 24 TECHTIPS& CROSSREF >ZPN 26 ALPHABETICAL INDEX 01 HELMETS, LUGGAGE, AUDIO&MORE 05 ENGINE ELECTRICS 09 TRANSMISSION 13 FOOT CONTROL 17 FENDER &STRUTS 21 MIRROR 03 EXHAUST 07 ENGINE 11 WHEELS& TIRE 15 FRONT SUSPENSION 19 OILTANK,FILTER &LINE 23 OIL,CHEMICALS &TOOLS 02 SEAT 06 INTAKE 10 FINALDRIVE 14 HANDLEBAR 18 GASTANK& INSTRUMENT 22 WINDSHIELD 04 ELECTRIC &LIGHT 08 PRIMARY 12 BRAKE 16 CHASSIS/ FRAME &SHOCKS 20 FASTENERS Fits 2009 to present XB1125R 237003 Aluminum race slip-on 722418 Carbon race slip-on 237016 Titanium race slip-on Fits 2002 to present XB9R models, 2004 to present XB12R/S/Ss/Scg models, 2005 to present XB9Sx models and XB12X models. Installation on European 2008 and later models requires the installation of US Domestic market headers. 722415 Aluminum race slip-on 722416 Carbon race slip-on JARDINE PERFORMANCE EXHAUSTS FOR BUELL Jardine develops complete high performance exhaust system and high performance slip-ons for motorcycles since 1972. The exhaust systems and slip-ons are manufactured using the latest technology to meet the highest rates of accuracy. Proven performance for competition bikes. Slip-on mufflers are available with aluminum, carbon or titanium canister for air cooled Buells, such as 2002 to present XB9R models, 2004 to present XB12R/S/Ss/Scg models, 2005 to present XB9Sx models and XB12X models, as well as for the liquid cooled XB1125R. Installation on European 2008 and later air cooled models requires the installation of US Domestic market headers. SUPERTRAPP'S SLIP ON FOR BUELL MUFFLER This very easy to fit SuperTrapp slip-on muffler for Buell models features an improved internal disc design for tunable sound and performance. Made of Stainless Steel and has brushed finish. Comes complete with adapter bushing for use on 2000 thru 2002 European models. 700963 Fits 1997 thru 2002 S1, S3, and M2 models and X1 Lightning models 2001 thru 2002 STOCK STYLE MUFFLER FOR BIG TWIN DRESSER MODELS Chromed version of the stock muffler as used on 1958 thru 1978 FL and FLH models. Muffler is 25" long and has a 3 1/4" body diameter. We have eliminated the bottom seam for a smoother look. Fits all Big-Twins with 1 3/4" pipes. Sold each (OEM 65240-41A). 061179 Stock Style muffler TORPEDO FISH TAIL MUFFLER Perfect replica of the 3 1/4" (83mm) diameter 28" (71cm) long Deluxe Fish Tail muffler as used on the 1958 thru 1966 FL models. Fits all 1 3/4" exhaust pipes. Will also fit 1 1/2" pipes if reduce sleeve (ZPN065010) is used. Muffler-to-header clamp and muffler-to-frame clamp not included. All are sold each. 062065 Fish Tail Torpedo Muffler (OEM 65244-62TA) 061145 P-style muffler mounting clamp, 3 1/4", chrome (OEM 65293-58) 061163 P-style muffler mounting clamp, 3 1/4", stainless (OEM 65293-58) 061123 1 3/4" muffler clamp, chrome DAGO STYLE FISH TAIL MUFFLER This chrome plated 30" long Dago Style muffler looks great on all single or dual "Dresser" exhaust systems. Features 1 3/4" inlet. Requires a 2 7/8" muffler clamp to mount. Sold each. 062093 Dago Style Fish Tail muffler 1941 THRU 1947 STYLE BIG TWIN MUFFLERS These mufflers have the same seam constructions as the OEM parts used from 1941 thru 1947 on all 61CI and 74CI Big Twin models. Mufflers fit stock 1 3/4" (45mm) diameter headers. Sold each. 781224 Chrome (OEM 65251-41) 781223 Black (OEM 65251-41) REPLICA ROCKET STYLE MUFFLER FOR 1941 1949 BIG TWIN Very accurate reproduction of the OEM Rocket style muffler as found on 1941 thru 1949 U, UH, UL, ULH, E, EL, F, FL and FLH Knucklehead, Flathead (also known as Sidevalve) and Panhead Big Twins (OEM 1034-41). 780229 Black Rocket style muffler for 1 3/4" (44.5mm) headers 780230 Chrome Rocket style muffler for 1 3/4" (44.5mm) headers SAMWEL FISHTAIL MUFFLER FOR 45CI MODELS These fishtail mufflers bolt straight onto the stock front pipes on your 750 Civillian Solo model and are available in black or chrome finish. Fits all 1932 thru 1952 45CI Sidevalves except Servicar. Convenient kits with all 4 clamps for the exhaust system are not included but must be ordered separately. 745756 Muffler, black (OEM 65228-32) 745762 Clamp set, black (OEM 65286-32, 65275-50, 65278-36 & 65510-32) 745757 Muffler, chrome 745763 Clamp set, chrome (OEM 65287-32, 65275-50, 65278-36 & 65510-32) REPLACEMENT MUFFLERS E�H�U�T ( Site 175 )


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