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GZP Oil seal, fork FL49-77

022352 - GZP Oil seal, fork FL49-77 Your Price 9,82 €  

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Article-No.: 022352
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 17-041
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 45852-48


Part Description:

Oil seal, each, 41mm forks on FL 1949-early 1977 (OEM 45852-48)

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one Site back 17-041 Accessories K 160340 Beefy 7" head lamp trim ring, chrome (OEM 69627-99) K. 160339 Beefy 7" head lamp trim ring, black Replacement parts A 160084 Chrome headlight housing (OEM 67847-60) B 301880 Chrome right slider cover C 301881 Chrome left slider cover D 301878 Chrome riser cover E 301879 Chrome lower triple tree under cover F 162277 Inner headlight mount (OEM 67702-65) G 162276 Outer headlight mount (OEM 67766-60) H 160091 Headlight retaining ring I 160056 Chrome outer ring (OEM 67712-60A) J 162280 Mounting bracket (sold each) 160008 Black headlight housing conversion kit with hardware and DOT approved H4 unit 160007 Chrome headlight housing conversion kit with hardware and DOT approved H4 unit 237336 Headlight housing conversion kit (hardware not included) Convert your Heritage Softail or Fat Boy from the stock headlight "tins" to the later model headlight housing with this complete kit. It includes the chromeplated two-piece aluminum headlight housing with all necessary mounting brackets, headlight bucket, chrome slider covers as well as covers for the lower triple tree and handlebar risers. This stylish kit bolts directly to the existing Original Equipment triple trees on all Heritage Softail and Fat Boy models from 1986 thru 2006 with 1" handlebars. Bikes with 1 1/4" handlebars, 2007-2017 Fat Boy and all 2009-2017 Softail models require modifications. All parts are separately available. A wider head lamp trim ring that makes the headlamp housing even look longer is available separately. Note: Bikes equipped with spotlights require modification of the spotlight brackets. Bikes equipped with a windshield that is bolted to the side of the front fork may require early style windshield brackets. On most windshields the headlight cut-out must be enlarged to accept the nacelle. Bikes equipped with risers longer than 1.5" must change to low risers or can not install the handlebar clamp cover. 4491 HEADLIGHT HOUSING CONVERSION KIT FOR HERITAGE SOFTAIL AND FAT BOY Seal washers (sold in 10 packs) 700356 Fork damper stud FL 1949-early 1977 (OEM 46111-48) 700357 Fork damper tube FL 1949-early 1977 (OEM 46125-48) 700354 Drain plug, Kayaba forks on FL 1973-1977 (OEM 45986-73) 700355 Fork damper tube, Kayaba forks on XL 1973-1974 (OEM 45992-73) 742461 Fork damper tube, 39mm forks on XL 1996-2003 (OEM 45398-96) O-rings (sold in 10 packs) 022424 Fork tube cap seal, 10-pack, Zodiac (OEM 45733-48) 781641 Fork tube cap seal 49mm forks, 10-pack, Genuine James (OEM 46508-01) 700341 Slider tube plug FL & FXWG 1977 to present (OEM 45845-77) 700353 Slider tube plug FX 1973-1987 (OEM 45982-73) 700339 Fork tube cap XL & FX 1954-1970 (OEM 45780-52) Fork seals (sold in pairs) 742470 41mm forks on FXSTD Deuce 2000-2007 (OEM 46175-00) 742473 49mm forks on V-Rod 2002-2017, FXD 2006-2017, FXCW 2008-2011, FXSB & FXSBSE Breakout 2013-2017, Touring 2014 to present and XL1200X FortyEight 2016 to present (OEM 46514-01) 740068 43mm forks on XBR 2006 & 1190RS 2011-2012 743759 43mm forks on XB12S Lightning 2009 720328 43mm forks on XB9R Firebolt 2007, XB9S Lightning 2005-2009, XB12R Firebolt 2003-2009, XB12S Lightning 2005-2008, XB12X and XB12T Ulysses 2005-2007 Oil seal, each 022355 XL & FX 1971-1972 (OEM 45945-71) 022325 35mm Kayaba forks on XL & FX 1973-1975 (OEM 45927-73) 022330 35mm Showa forks on XL & FX 1975-1983 (OEM 45400-75) 231177 35mm Showa forks on XL, FX & FXR 1984-1987 (OEM 45387-83) 231178 39mm Showa forks on XL 1987 to present, FXR 1987-1994 and Dyna Narrow Glide 1991-2005 (OEM 45378-87) 022352 41mm forks on FL 1949-early 1977 (OEM 45852-48) 022354 41mm forks on FL late 1977-1983, FXWG, FLT and FLHT 1980-1983 (OEM 45843-77) 231179 41mm forks on FXWG 1984-1988, Touring 1984-2013, Softail 1984-2017 (except FXSTD Deuce), FXDWG 1991-2005 (OEM 45875-84) 4489 INDIVIDUAL FRONT FORK OIL SEAL & ORINGS SEAL KITS )Ȫ2Ȧ7 )ȧ5ȣ6 5. Slider covers (OEM 45964-49, 45964-89 & 45964-86) 301189 Chrome, standard length, pair 301166 Black, standard length, pair 301191 Chrome, 2" overstock, pair 301167 Black, 2" overstock, pair 301192 Chrome, 4" over stock, pair 4. Front fork panel (OEM 46273-49) 094052 Stainless Steel 094060 Show-chrome finish 3. Left hand fork panel rear (OEM 46281-49) 094056 Stainless Steel 094064 Show-chrome finish 2. Right hand fork panel rear (OEM 46283-49) 094054 Stainless Steel 094062 Show-chrome finish 1. Triple tree cover with 3 1/2" center to center holes (For use on late model triple trees) 094070 Stainless Steel Accurate reproduction of the obsolete 1949 thru 1959 Big Twin head lamp trim. For restoration work or to give the 1960 thru 1984 FL models that classic look. 4492 ANTIQUE HEAD LAMP TRIM 094090 Chrome FLST fork cover kit (OEM 67890-91C) Brilliant chrome fork cover kit to replace the stock satin fork covers on 1986 thru 2008 FLST, FLSTF and FLSTFB and 1993 thru 2017 FLSTN, except those with a stock or aftermarket spotlight bar. Also fits FLSTC models when the stock spotlight bar is removed. 4493 CHROME FORK COVER KIT FOR SOFTAIL (Site 1099)


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