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GZP O-Ring set for Black diamond (24 pac

022346 - GZP O-Ring set for Black diamond (24 pac Your Price 4,35 €  

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Article-No.: 022346
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 13-004
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a



O-ring black diamond (24 pack)

These beautifully shaped pegs are available in plain or with three-dimensional V-Twin emblem. Both are Hi-Lited by a black outline. They have special molded rubber O-rings to prevent your feet from slipping while providing a striking contrast against the bright chrome.

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01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 13-004 STREAMLINER RIDER PEGS FEMALE MOUNT Beautiful model Streamliner foot peg set. They feature a thick one piece rubber inside to absorb vibration and are covered by a sleeved chrome plated cover to add a touch of class to your bike. Replaces riders pegs on all 1952 to present with female mount and FLH passenger pegs. These pegs are a perfect match with our Streamliner shift peg and throttle grips. 361070 Streamliner foot pegs, female Large male mount, fits riders pegs on FXR 1982 thru 1994, Dyna Glide models 1991 to present and Sportster models 1991 to present with this type mount. 361133 1" extended Small male mount, fits most OEM High-Way bars as well as most passenger pegs. 361131 1" extended 361132 2" extended EXTENDED ISO PEGS These extended ISO footpegs provide more support to your feet. Available in either a 1" or a 2" extended length, in both small or large male mount. 361049 Shifter peg, iso style 361058 Replacement rubbers (set of 3) 361048 Pegs only without clamps, 5/8" female mount 361059 Passenger pegs fits Sportster 1972 thru 1990, FX(R) 1971 thru 1994 and 1952 thru 1992 FLH 361061 Rider pegs fit FXR models 1982 thru 1994 as well as 1991 to present Sportster and Dyna Glide 361056 Large replacement rubbers, sold in packs of 8 361057 Small replacement rubbers, sold in packs of 8 361050 Universal with clamps, mounts to frame or crash bar 361060 Reinforced ISO rider pegs for models with large female mount, pegs have steel inserts for extra strength 361059 Bar pegs, small male mount ISO PEGS These state-of-the-art high quality foot pegs are designed to absorb vibration through use of hollow-core wear-resistant rubber inserts. They are mounted into the peg with a chrome allen bolt. If you are tired of changing O-rings on your old pegs, these are the pegs you need. ISO pegs may be used on early or late models, but are also available in a universal style for many custom applications. Note: Can not be used as kickstart pedal! WIDE STREAMLINER FOOT PEGS For thosewhowant to add that something special to their bike and increase the bike's comfort at the same time, these foot pegs are the solution. They feature the same popular design as all the other Streamliner foot pegs and grips, but they are wider, offering extra support and comfort for your feet. Available to replace FXR driver pegs 1982 thru 1994 and Sportster and Dyna Glide 1991 to present stock foot pegs. 361122 Foot peg set, male mount EXTENDED ISO SHIFT PEG When you're tired of your boot slipping off your shifter peg, you'll love this shifter peg. It is 1 5/8" longer than our stock ISO shift peg (ZPN361049) to make it more suitable for man-sized boots. 362047 Extended ISO shift peg 361058 Replacement rubbers (set of 3) FOLDING CUSTOM FOOT PEGS WITH RUBBER INSERTS Tapered style chrome custom foot pegs with rubber inserts for extra comfort and grip. Come with clamps for installation on both 1" (2.54cm) and 1 1/4" (3.2cm) tubing, commonly used as frame tube or for highway bars and engine guards. Foot pegs and mounting blocks have a total length of 5 7/8" (14.5cm). The 5/8" (16mm) square mounting blocks are 3/8-24 UNF threaded, so pegs can also be installed without the mounting clamps. Sold in pairs. 351199 Tapered style chrome custom foot pegs with rubber inserts FOLDING CUSTOM PEGS WITH CLAMP Beautifully chrome-plated and LOW PRICED folding pegs. Features two sizes of clamp for frame or crash-bar mounting. 361002 [1.]Holly 361004 [2.]Heart 361001 [4.]Diamond 361006 [5.]Club 361000 [6.]Ribbed CUSTOM JB STYLE SHIFT PEG Highly polished aluminum shift peg. Fits most OEM and aftermarket shift levers. A perfect match with our JB- style foot pegs as shown elsewhere in our catalog. 292087 JB Style polished aluminum shift peg REPLACEMENT O RINGS FOR CUSTOM O RING PEGS Rings are packed and sold in bags of 10 pcs. 022343 O-rings small, fit shift and kickpedal 022342 O-rings medium, fit motor mount foot pegs 022344 O-rings large, fit drivers peg 022341 O-ring flat kickpedal 022346 O-ring black diamond (24 pack) F�O� C�N�R�L SHIFT & FOOT PEGS ( Site 902 )


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