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789159 - S&S O-ring,(-220),1.375" ID x 1.625" OD,Vito

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S&S O-ring,(-220),1.375" ID x 1.625" OD,Vito

Artikel-Nr.: 789159
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O-ring,(-220),1.375" ID x 1.625" OD,Vito

Textauszug aus dem Katalog:

Cylinder heads and parts. Fit S&S X-Wedge engines as used in American Iron Horse, Morgan Threewheeler, Big Dog, CR&S and other custom motorcycles. Unless differently Indicated parts are sold each. X-Wedge engines have been supplied in three standard sizes: X114: 4.125" bore, 4.250" stroke, 113.6CI (1.862cc) X117: 4.125" bore, 4.375 stroke, 116.94CI (1.916cc) X121: 4.250" bore, 4.250" stroke, 120.58CI (1.976cc) Big Bore upgrades: X117 to X132: 4.375" bore, 4.375" stroke, 131.54CI (2.156cc) X121 to X128: 4.375" bore, 4.250" stroke, 127.78CI (2.094cc) Crankcases and connecting rods are the same for all configurations and work with both the 4.250" and 4.375" stroke flywheels, as well as 4.125", 4.250" and 4.375" bore size cylinders.


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