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512886 - S&S, 53-84 hydraulic unit

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S&S, 53-84 hydraulic unit

Artikel-Nr.: 512886
168,95 €


53-65 Panhead; 66-84 Shovelhead (NU)


S&S, 53-84 hydraulic unit

OEM reproduction hydraulic unit. Can be used as stock replacement for S&S 512881/512882 tappet sets. Also fits as a direct OEM replacement for 17920-53A hydraulic unit. Note: Will not fit S&S SH-series (Shovel style) engines. Note: The early style hydraulic tappets sets can be purchased as a set (hydraulic unit + tappet body with roller) or as individual parts. When purchasing individual parts correct tolerance cannot be guaranteed, which can influence hydraulic function. Dealers with a larger stock can mix and match hydraulic units and tappet bodies to compose a set that offers excellent bleed-down times. For all others it is advised to go for a complete hydraulic unit and tappet body assembly from the same manufacturer, as S&S or JIMS offer. These are machined with the correct tolerance relative to each other to work correctly right out of the box.


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