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CHROME GAS CAPS Original style, non vented (OEM 61103-65)

011179 - CHROME GAS CAPS  Original style, non vented (OEM 61103-65) Your Price 9,10 EUR 

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Article-No.: 011179
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 19-033
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 61103-65



Original style, non vented (OEM 61103-65)

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one Site back 19 - 033 GENUINE ZODIAC WELD-IN GAS CAP BUNGS These weld-in gas cap bungs are great when building your own gas tank or want to convert an existing gas tank from another vehicle, and still want to use a Harley 1982-up screw-in style gas cap. 011541 For vented gas caps, right turn threaded 011542 For non-vented gas caps, left turn threaded GAS CAP COVER Die-cast and beautifully chrome plated. Available in three sizes. Small ones fit Harley gas caps up to 1976. Our universal gas caps and many original gas caps as used on various makes and models. Large ones fit Harley 1977 thru 1983. Extra Large fits Harley screw-on gas caps 1982 to present. 011154 Krommet cover Small (66mm) 011155 Krommet cover Large (73mm) 011161 Krommet cover Extra Large (74mm) LATE STYLE CHROMED STEEL THREADED GAS CAPS These beautifully chrome plated late- style steel gas caps are perfect reproductions of the original equipment part.These caps come with the latest low-pressure relief vent properly recessed in the cap to clear the filler neck vent tube on 1985 to present gastanks. 011546 Right side cap, vented (OEM 61102-83A), also fits single cap models, except FLT(C) & FLHT (C) 011547 Left side cap, non vented (OEM 61103-83) CHROME LATE STYLE SCREW-IN GAS CAPS Chrome finished, plastic bodied, nylon threaded gas caps. Designed to fit the OEM as well as all Zodiac tanks with screw type filler neck 1982 to present. 011182 Vented, fits right side of twin cap tanks and all single cap tanks except FLT(C), FLHT(C) (OEM 61102-83A) 011183 Non vented, fits left side only (OEM 61103-83) CHROME PLATED VENTED GAS CAP WITH LONG SKIRT The extra long skirt on this gas cap completely covers the filler neck of your gas tank, providing a clean Custom look. Fits single or vented side of all OEM type gas tanks with cam lock gas cap as well as many Custom gas tanks. 011438 Chrome extra long skirted gas cap CROWN CORK STYLE GAS CAPS Die cast zinc screw-in style gas caps with a perfect chrome finish and ratchet action to prevent for over tightening.Available for both early and late style screw bungs. 012701 Vented, fits single cap tanks and right side bung on 1984 thru 1996 models 012702 Non-vented, fits left side bung on 1984 thru 1996 models 012704 Vented, fits single cap tanks and right side bung on 1997 to present models 012705 Non-vented, fits left side bung on 1997 to present models CHROME GAS CAPS Vented fits all Single cap and R/H double cap Harley and our Custom tanks. Non vented fits all L/H double cap Harley and our Custom tanks. 011152 Original style, vented 011179 Original style, non vented (OEM 61103-65) EARLY STYLE CAM LOCK GAS CAPS Vented Eaton type gas caps for 1936 thru early 1973 models (OEM 61103- 36). 011325 Chrome with fine knurling 011329 Chrome with coarse knurling 011326 Black with fine knurling 011327 Black with coarse knurling LUGGAGE, AUDIO & MORE SEATS EXHAUST ELECTRIC & LIGHT ENGINE ELECTRICS INTAKE ENGINE PRIMARY TRANSMISSION FINAL DRIVE WHEELS & TIRE BRAKE FOOT CONTROL HANDLEBAR KIT BIKES FRONT SUSPENSION CHASSIS/ FRAME & SHOCKS FENDERS & STRUTS GASTANK & INSTRUMENT OILTANK, FILTER & LINE FASTENERS MIRRORS WINDSHIELDS OIL, CHEMICALS &TOOLS TECHTIPS & CROSS REF > ZPN CROSS REF ZPN > PAGE ALPHABETICAL INDEX GAS TANK & INSTRUMENT SATELITE GAS CAP COVER Chrome plated die-cast gas cap cover fits 1977 thru 1983 gas caps, except screw-on type gas caps. 011157 Satelite gas cap cover Gas Cap & Cover (Site 1233)


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