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CCE 5 Gallon Fat Bob Gas Tank Tank with Screw-Style Bungs

15296 - CCE 5 Gallon Fat Bob Gas Tank Tank with Screw-Style Bungs Your Price 243,62 €  

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NOTE: The images shown are for reference only, the actual product may differ.
Therefore please always read the description or read on the corresponding catalog page.

Article-No.: 15296
Packaging Unit: 1(Each)
Catalog page: 16.56
Manufacturer/Distribution: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: 61213-83 61229-83


Part Description:


Fits: 68-83 FL Shovel, 71-83 FX Shovel

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16.56 16 One-Piece Stretched Gas Tanks for Softail Models Smooth top gas tanks come with a single cen- ter-mounted 8 screw aircraft-style gas cap, and are stretched to 2". Made of heavy-gauge steel and inspected and pressure-tested to ensure quality as well as a perfect fit. Overall length- 20-1/2” x Width of tank- 16” x Height at tallest point- 14-1/4” x Tunnel Length- 18-3/4” x Tunnel Depth- 6-1/4” x Tunnel Width- 3-1/8”. Holds about 4.2 gallons. 15787 2" stretched, fits all Softail models from 84-99 Note: This gas tank requires modifications on the seat or a custom seat due to the longer length. Custom One-Piece Smooth- Top Stretched Tanks for Softail Models Our 2" stretch tanks are new stampings rather than using welded tips to achieve stretch. They come with single flush-mount locking gas caps (included), or for stock-style screw-in gas caps (not included). Single cap tanks have inlet offset to the right side. For the extreme cus- tom Softail models, the 4" stretch tanks have welded wings on the 2" stretch tanks for the ultimate long, low look. Bike builders should note that these tanks, while simply bolting on stock tank mounts on the frame, will require minor finishing (especially with welded tip extensions), and probably a custom seat to fit the rear contours of the extended tank. Fit models from 84-99. 4.2 gallon capacity. 15286 2" stretch with single flush locking cap 15676 4" stretch for single screw-in cap (cap not included) 15687 4" stretch with single flush locking cap 15676 Stretched Flatside Fat Bob Tanks for Softail Models Stretched tanks are one of the hottest custom bike trends. We start with our best selling 5 gallon tanks and weld on custom formed steel extensions. The extensions add over two inches to the length of the tank and create a smooth flowing look by filling the void between the seat and where the tank normally ends. Manufactured of heavy gauge steel on new tooling, each tank is hand inspected and pressure tested to ensure quality and a perfect fit. Designed for use with a stock dash, tank panel, late model (13/16" thread) petcock and most standard width seats. Available with bungs for 82-95 screw-in gas caps. Fit Softail models from 84-99 and most frames with mounts for flatside tanks. Gas caps must be purchased separately. 46188 5 gallon Screw-in style cap, stretched tank Note: Stretched portion of tank does not hold fuel. Some wide or touring seats may require modification. All fuel tanks must be test fitted, pressure tested, and pre-sealed before painting. Tanks shown painted for illustration purpose only, tanks require finish body work. 1982-1996 Screw-In 3.5 Gallon Hand Shift Gas Tanks Two versions of the obsolete hand shift style 3.5 gallon gas tank sets. Accurate placement of the shifter gate lugs and shut-off rod hole centers ensures trouble-free service. Available in two versions. One is a totally accurate reproduction of the original, rod-style gas shut-off equipped tank used from 48-65. The other is based on the same tank, but eliminates the early style gas shut-off rod system and replaces it with the tank bottom fitting for the late 13/16" external-thread petcock. Both tanks accept the correct cam-style gas caps and are designed to accept the stock shifter guide. (Sold separately.) 25568 Original style with rod shut-off (shown) 25569 Updated style with petcock M22 x 1 For reference only 15296 Fat Bob Gas Tanks Tanks are designed with accurate, preci- sion-placed mounting plates and stud bosses. For increased durability, low-temperature welding is used throughout the tank. Accepts either the dash for Low Rider models or the Fat Bob dash for FL and FXWG models. Features late 13/16" external-thread fuel valve connections for Original Equipment style gas valves (CC #’s 25245, 25243) or high volume versions. Available to accept either pre-1982 cam-style gas caps or later model screw-in style gas caps. They are shipped with a dash spacer kit to accommodate the increased height. Fit all Original Equipment and aftermarket 4-speed Big Twin frames thru 84 (except FXST models). Tanks with Cam-Style Bungs 15289 3.5 gallon 25549 5.0 gallon Tanks with Screw-Style Bungs 15295 3.5 gallon 15296 5.0 gallon 15602 6.0 gallon Gas Tank Accessories 25548 Rubber grommet with a steel insert for use in mounting Fat Bob tanks. Helps to isolate the tanks from vibra- tion. Pack of 10 (repl. OEM 11411) 15602 Fat Bob Gas Tank for FXR Models Classic Fat Bob look for all FXR models from 82-99. It has the appearance of split tanks, but is really a one piece welded tank with twin screw type filler necks, and 13/16" external thread gas valve fitting. Bolts directly to the stock mounts and accepts all FL-style dash assemblies (except Cateye) when the appropri- ate dash base is used. Included with each tank is a superflex speedo cable and a chrome tank divider panel (dash and speedo sold separate- ly). The tanks are even equipped with internal emission control system connections, for use on vehicles WITH fuel tank emission devices (i.e., California models). 25551 4-gallon Fat Bob gas tank for FXR models Note: CC #25551 tanks require removal of solder from vent tube prior to installation on vehicle when connecting fuel tank emissions control devices. Note: Fuel tanks, must be pressure tested and sealed before painting to protect the final finis h and prev ent internal rust.


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