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GZP Tank inlet

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Article-No.: 011352
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 20-018
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a


Part Description:

Tank inlet

Catalog Text:
Weld in gas tank inlet, usable when buil-ding your own Custom made gas tank or as replacement for worn out connectors. Takes any of our vented cam-lock type gascaps.

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20-018 HELMETS & AUDIO PRIMARY & CLUTCH CONTROL CABLES & HYDRAULIC LINES OIL, OIL FILTERS & OIL COOLERS SEAT TRANSMISSION FOOT CONTROLS HARDWARE EXHAUST GASKET & SEALS FRONT FORKS WINDSHIELD ELECTRIC & LIGHT FINAL DRIVE FRAME & REAR SUSPENSION LUGGAGE ENGINE ELECTRICS WHEELS & TIRES FENDER & STRUTS TOOLS & CHEMICALS INTAKE BRAKE GAS & OIL TANK TECH TIPS & CROSS REF OEM>ZPN ENGINE HANDLEBAR, HAND CONTROLS & MIRRORS GAUGES & DASHES ALPHABETICAL INDEX 012357 Front lower bracket An exact reproduction of the lower bracket as featured on the 4 Speed frames thru 1984. Easy to weld on and can be adapted to many Custom frames. Restores original looks and enables you to use Fat Bob tanks when the original bracket was torched off. 4968 LOWER FRONT MOUNTING BRACKET FOR FAT BOB TANKS 358074 Anti vibration grommets Install in the tank mount holes on Fat Bob tanks to stop the solid vibration that cracks the tank mounting flanges. Also for many Custom applications (pack of 10). 4967 ANTIVIBRATION GROMMETS 012367 Quickmount kit for Fat Bob tanks Uniquely designed mounting kit for Fat Bob tanks. A precise way to mount the OEM or aftermarket Fat Bob tanks to Custom or original frames that have the OEM mountings removed. Allows you to locate the bracket for a visual check of the tank location on the frame and once the position is selected the whole bracket set can be welded in place. 4966 UNIVERSAL FAT BOB TANK MOUNT KIT 781307 Chrome 45CI tank mount kit 781308 Cad plated 45CI tank mount kit (CP 1038 marked) 781309 Parkerized 45CI tank mount kit (CP 1038 marked) This complete kit contains exact duplicates of the OEM fasteners used to mount the gas,- and oil tanks on all 1937-1952 W models (45CI Solo) and 1937-1973 G models (Servicar). Includes three of each OEM 4060 bolts, OEM 6320 washers, OEM 7040 lock washers & OEM 7752 nuts. 4965 COLONY TANK MOUNTING KIT FOR 45CI 011352 Tank inlet Weld in gas tank inlet, usable when buil-ding your own Custom made gas tank or as replacement for worn out connectors. Takes any of our vented cam-lock type gascaps. 4964 CUSTOM GAS TANK INLET 749515 Coffin Plain 749516 Coffin Iron Cross 749517 Iron Cross Square 749518 Iron Cross Round 749519 Gothic Cross 1 749520 Gothic Cross 2 749521 Gothic Cross 3 749522 Viking Sword 749523 Saxon Sword 749524 Viking Axe 749525 Standard Oval 749526 Stab Dagger 749527 Punch Dagger 749528 Colt 1911 749529 Beretta 749530 Tokarev 749531 Ruger 749532 Smith &Western Designed and laser cut in the U.K., these bracket kits lift your tank in the front with 2" (5cm) to get that nostalgic Bobber look. Brackets have a black finish and come complete with the necessary hardware. Fits most XL Sportster models. 4959 DESIGN TANK LIFT KITS FOR SPORTSTER *ș6Ϝ 2ȡ/ 7ș1ȣ GAS TANK MOUNTING HARDWARE (Site 1216)


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