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GZP Timing view Plug for HD

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Article-No.: 133017
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 26-013
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 96295-65T


Part Description:

Timing view plug (OEM 96295-65T)

Catalog Text:

Timing tool for use on all Harley's. Insert into the timing hole when stock plug is removed. Makes adjusting the timing an easy job. When the timing is done, replace the stock plug. Also available in an extended version, great for bikes with an offset primary.

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one Site back 26-013 231948 S park Plug Indexer 231950 30 AssortedWashers 14mm Designed for 14mm spark plugs, this index tool allows the serious performance engine builder to specify the location of the ground electrode for maximum flame front generation by using different thickness spark plug washers. The tool is knurled for hand held use or can be mounted in a vise on the machined flats. Constructed of billet aluminum with a gold anodized finish and labeled increments for aligning ground electrode. Made in the USA. 5712 SPARK PLUG INDEXER & WASHERS 133017 Timing view plug (OEM 96295‑65T) 133001 Extended timing view plug Timing tool for use on all Harley's. Insert into the timing hole when stock plug is removed. Makes adjusting the timing an easy job. When the timing is done, replace the stock plug. Also available in an extended version, great for bikes with an offset primary. 5711 TIMING VIEW PLUG 751054 Fuel pump retainer remover tool This is a must use tool for removal or installation of the fuel pump retaining ring found on Touring models 2008 to present. Use the remover tool in combination with a 1/2" ratchet. 5710 FUEL PUMP RETAINING RING TOOL 751053 For use on EFI equipped FLH and FLT series models 2002 to present, FXST models 2001‑2017 and Dyna's 2004‑2017 This gauge is a must have, as all new Big Twin motorcycles have Electronic Fuel Injection. This fuel pressure gauge is easily installed in line with the motorcycle's fuel supply system. Jims supplies you with all the necessary hose connections and fittings to safely perform a fuel pressure test in about the same amount of time it takes to change a set of spark plugs. Full detailed instructions are included. 5708 FUEL PRESSURE TEST GAUGE TOOL BY JIMS 753648 Pressurized fuel bottle Fuel tank removal is often required for service and diagnostics. Additionally, the tank may need to be off while the engine is running, especially for testing purposes. This presents a problem for fuel injection systems that have the fuel pump in the tank. to deal with this. The "plug and play" solution from Jims is this compact remote billet fuel tank that accepts air pressure from an air compressor to supply correctly pressurized fuel to the EFI sys‑ tem. Unlike the gravity feed tanks used with carburetor systems, this EFI tank solution is designed to safely handle the required air pressure. Once pressurized, the air supply can be disconnected, mak‑ ing it completely mobile and can run a motorcycle. The system includes all the necessary OEM fittings to plug directly into the fuel rail, valve and air pressure gauge. The tank can be easily hung from the handlebars or attached to a wall, work bench or rollaway tool chest. Works with all Fuel Injected Harley models, except V‑Rod. 5707 JIMS REMOTE FUEL SUPPLY FOR FUEL INJECTED MODELS 747367 Premium Fuel Tool Fuel Pressure gauge 747364 Basic Fuel Tool Fuel Pressure gauge Fuel Tools fuel pressure gauge utilizes quick disconnects so that checking fuel pressure is a breeze. No more chasing fuel system problems. Often times the cause of a poor performing motorcycle is a problem with the fuel system. This gauge will allow you to quickly diagnose any issues with your fuel system, such as loss of power, poor fuel economy, hesitation and stalling. Works with all 2001 to present Delphi fuel injected Harleys. Features solid nickel plated brass adapter and release valve, steel housing 100PSI gauge, Viton O‑rings, O‑ring lubricant and nylon storage pouch. Also available as a Premium Kit that includes a 16" (41cm) flexible fuel hose and swivel gauge with felt covered magnetic attachments, allowing the user to use the gauge under both static and load conditions, no matter what side of the bike you are working on. A must for every professional workshop. 5706 FUEL TOOL FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE 751108 Jims remote start button This simple remote switch makes it easy to activate the starter and rotate the engine without starting. Comes in handy for tappet adjustments, servicing, and diagnosing starting and electrical issues. Comes with a four foot length, well‑insulated lead cable with an alligator clip for starter positive post terminal and motor post negative hookups. Use on all motorcycles with access to starter positive post terminal and motor post negative terminal. 5705 JIMS REMOTE START BUTTON 753603 Kit with black handlebar switch housing 753604 Kit with chrome handlebar switch housing Jims Damage Control engine failure detection system provides an early warning of catastrophic engine failure by detecting ferrous debris within an engine's oiling system. Using state of the art technology, the special drain plug monitors ferrous particles in the motor oil. When the amount of particles in the oil reaches a level that could indicate impending trouble, the LED warning light illuminates in the handlebar clamp, alerting you to investigate the trouble. This early warning can potentially save you a load in repair costs. The system includes a complete wiring harness, drain plug sensor, and your choice of black anodize or chrome handlebar LED & clamp housing for 1" handlebars. The Jims Damage Control kit installs easily with no cutting or splicing on all 1993 to present Touring and 1991 to present Dyna Glide models. Kits for use on 1 1/4" diameter handlebars are available upon Special Order. 5704 JIMS DAMAGE CONTROL ENGINE FAILURE DETECTION SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC, TUNING & FUEL INJECTION TOOLS TOOLS & CHEMICALS (Site 1371)


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