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CCE Acorn Nut Chrome 3/8"-16 UNC

14409 - CCE Acorn Nut Chrome 3/8"-16 UNC Your Price 9,77 €  

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Article-No.: 14409
Packaging Unit: 3(Pack)
Catalog page: 19.59
Manufacturer/Distribution: Custom Chrome Europe / Custom Chrome Europe
OEM Referenz: n/a


Part Description:


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19.59 for more details check TOOLS & EQUIPMENT APPAREL HAND CONTROLS LIGHTING ELECTRICAL EXHAUST INTAKE ENGINE GASKETS TRANNY & CLUTCH DRIVELINE WHEELS, TIRES & BRAKES FRAMES FORKS & SHOCKS SHEETMETAL INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES LUBRICANTS & CHEMICALS TOOLS & EQUIPMENT SEATS & TOURING FOOT CONTROLS Custom Chrome Engine and Cover Sets These kits contain show-quality chrome-plated components in kits designed for specific applications by year and model. Most kits are avail- able in chrome-plated knurled sockethead hardware, or with the head polished smooth before plating. Some kits may contain hex or button- head hardware where sockethead hardware is not appropriate. These kits add visual appeal with functional top-quality, American-made fasteners. Complete Motor Kits for Sportster models 612348 Fits Sportster models from 04-17 - knurled 612349 Fits Sportster models from 04-17– smooth Side Cover Bolt Kits for Sportster models 612301 Fits Sportster models from 91-03 – knurled Derby Cover Bolt Kit for Sportster models 612335 Fits Sportster models from 04-17 Rocker Box Sockethead Screw Set for Sportster models 36378 Fits Sportster models from 91-03 - knurled 36377 Fits Sportster models from 91-03 – smooth 612344 Fits Sportster models from 04-17 – smooth Motor Mount Sockethead Screw Set for Sportster models (front upper and lower and top center mounts) 36372 Fits Sportster models from 91-03 – smooth 612341 Fits Sportster models from 04-19 - knurled 612342 Fits Sportster models from 04-19 – smooth Motor Mounts for Sportster models 612303 Lower motor mount bolts for Sportster models from 91-03 -knurled Case Bolts Kit for Sportster models 612331 Fits Sportster models from 04-15 - knurled 612332 Fits Sportster models from 04-15 – smooth Colony Chrome Show Bike Kits Acorn-style kits with all the necessary hardware to transform a stock engine into a classic. 36173 Fits Sportster models from 77-85 36174 Fits Panheads from 58-65 36261 Fits Shovelheads from 70-75 Miscellaneous Kits for Sportster Models Fits Sportster models from 91-03 Rocker box sockethead screw set 36378 Smooth 36377 Knurled Fits Sportster models from 91-03. Motor mount sockethead screw set; front upper and lower and top center mounts 36372 Smooth Miscellaneous Kits for Big Twin Models Fits 89-93 Motor mount set. Sockethead Dyna Glide models and hex head screws for top and bottom motor mounts 36384 Smooth 36383 Knurled Fits 89-93 Softail Primary cover set. Sockethead and Dyna Glide model screws for derby, inspection, inner and outer primary 36382 Smooth 36381 Knurled Fits 36-64 Primary cover set. Sockethead Big Twins screws 25079 Knurled Fits 36-64 Derby and chain inspection Big Twins cover set 25095 Flat head screws Fits Late 76-99 Lifter base set. Sockethead screws Big Twins 36366 Smooth Chrome Acorn Nuts Sold on skin-packed display card. Available in fine, coarse or metric threads. PART # SIZE PACK 14427 10-24 5 14401 1/4"-20 5 14403 1/4"-28 5 14405 5/16"-18 4 14407 5/16"-24 4 14409 3/8"-16 3 14411 3/8"-24 3 14413 7/16"-14 2 14415 7/16"-20 2 14417 1/2"-13 1 14419 1/2"-20 1 14421 6mm 5 14423 8mm 4 14425 10mm 3 Chrome Timing Plug Sockethead style for all Shovel & EVO models from 70-99. (rep. OEM 720) 35623 Replaces OEM 720


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