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GZP ME17-UP transm top cover gasket

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Article-No.: 027632
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 09-035
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 25700453


Part Description:

Transmission top cover gasket (OEM 25700453)

Catalog Text:

Perfect reproduction of the OEM transmission top cover as fitted on all 2018 to present Softails and all 2017 to present Touring & Trike models. 

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one Site back 09-035 CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE kk The, what seems unlimited, growth of rear tirewidth has driven the CustomBike Builders to the "Outer Limits" of offsetting primary drives in existing frames. The 55mm offset kit is really the limit of what is possible. To keep the balance in a bike that is converted to accept the 330 tire, it is better to leave the primary in its original position and move the final drive over to the right side. To date this required a complete Right Side Drive transmission, making the conversion quite expensive. When Zodiac started to develop a conversion kit to allow the use of 330 wide rear tire in a stock Twin Cam Softail frame they also looked for a more cost-effective solution. We came up with two solutions, the RSD conversion kit, that re-uses as many stock parts as possible, and the RSD builder's kit. The conversion kit just includes the parts that are needed to convert your stock 1994 or later transmission into a RSD transmission. Included are a main shaft, counter shaft with integrated fifth gear for improved strength, shifter drum and shifter forks, plus a new trap door that gives room for the main drive gear. We have completed the kit with the required hardware, new seals and gaskets and there it is, "The most economic Right Side Drive Conversion Kit". As we are aware that some people do not want to rebuild their transmission we also have a complete and ready to install "Transmission Builders Kit" available. Builder's kits have 1994 to present style "Low Noise" gears installed on the shafts and trap door. RSD transmission conversion kits are available for use up to 330 wide rear tires and can be used in stock and aftermarket transmission housings of the Evolution Softail, Evolution Dyna, Evolution FLH/FLT, Twin Cam Softail, Twin Cam Dyna and Twin Cam FLH/FLT. Kits come complete with a special transmission pulley. All RSD conversion and builders kits use a special RSD clutch actuator/pulley cover, which is separately available. Clutch actuators are available in hydraulic or cable operated. The 3049 ZODIAC'S 5SPEED RIGHT SIDE DRIVE CONVERSION KITS 239483 Fits 1980 thru early 1984 239484 Fits late 1984 thru 1990 239485 Fits 1991 thru 1999 741901 Fits 1999 thru 2006 Complete rebuild kits for the 5 Speed Big Twin transmissions from 1980 thru 2006. We've combined Jim's top quality transmission parts with a James' gasket and seal kit to offer the best rebuilds kit possible. Each kit includes spacers, bearings, retaining rings, lock nuts, thrust washers, key and all necessary seals and gaskets to do the job. 3043 JIMS 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION MASTER REBUILD KITS 302224 Chrome 302225 Black Over sized shift forks 191410 +.005" (OEM 34296-84) 191408 +.010" (OEM 34294-84) Under sized shift forks 191411 -.005" (OEM 34297-84) 191407 -.020" (OEM 34293-72A) Standard shift forks 191405 Standard (OEM 34291-52C) High quality steel shifter forks. These forks are forged from high grade forging steel and induction hardened to exceed the OEM specifications. Available in a wide range of sizes. Fits all K models and 4 Speed Sportster models including the 4 Speed Evolution models from 1952 thru 1990. 3070 SHIFT FORKS FOR 4 SPEED SPORTSTER MODELS 027632 Transmission top cover gasket (OEM 25700453) 302840 Chrome transmission top cover Milwaukee Eight models (OEM 34800025) 302843 Black transmission top cover Milwaukee Eight models (OEM 34800038) Perfect reproduction of the OEM transmission top cover as fitted on all 2018 to present Softails and all 2017 to present Touring & Trike models. 27829 TRANSMISSION TOP COVER FOR MILWAUKEE EIGHT A03852 Chrome A03853 Black Made from 6061-T6 Forged Billet Aluminum. Fits 2006 to present Dyna, 2007 to present Softail and 2007 to present Touring. 3061 ARLEN NESS 10GAUGE TRANSMISSION TOP COVER A. 702001 Needle bearing main drive gear, 2 needed (OEM 8042) B. 701957 Retaining ring for the main drive gear needle bearing, each (OEM 10991) B. 701978 Retaining ring for the main drive gear needle bearing, 10-pack (OEM 10991) C. 756281 Trap door bearing, Jims USA, 2 needed, sold each (OEM 8970) C. 758427 Trap door bearing, Eastern USA, 2 needed, sold each (OEM 8970) C. 756313 Trap door bearing, 2 needed, sold each (OEM 8970A) D. 756261 Retaining ring trap door bearing, dealer 10-pack (OEM 35038-99A) E. 747138 Drain plug with O-ring (OEM 60328-98B) F. 231778 Mainshaft bearing (OEM 9231) G. 732899 Main drive dual row gear ball bearing (OEM 8967) Stock replacement parts for the OEM "Cruise Drive" transmissions as used in 2006 to present Dyna, 2007 to present Softail and 2007 to present Touring models. 3056 PARTS FOR OEM 6SPEED "CRUISE DRIVE" TRANSMISSIONS TRANSMISSION PARTS 2006 TO PRESENT 6SPEED 7Ȫ$Ȧ6ȥ,ȫ6ȡ2Ȧ (Site 665)


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