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GZP Clutch friction disc XL71-up

030250 - GZP Clutch friction disc XL71-up Your Price 6,89 €  

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Article-No.: 030250
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 08-035
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: 37985-71


Part Description:

Clutch friction plate (OEM 37985-71)

Catalog Text:

Fits all Sportster models 1971 thru early 1984. 8 needed per bike, sold each.

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one Site back 08-035 232534 Outer drive plate, Barnett Fits 1971-1984 Sportster models. Alloy frictionplate, bonded on one side only (OEM 37987-71). 2673 BARNETT OUTER DRIVE PLATE 238626 "Red" lining plate kit (set 8) 238627 Aramid lining plate kit (set 8) 238655 "Red" lining plate (each) 238656 Aramid lining plate (each) 238657 Outer drive plate, "Red" lining (each) Kit of 8 Aramid or Alto "Red" bonded friction plates. Plates are also separately available (OEM 37985-71). We also offer the outer drive plate with "red" lining bonded on one side (OEM 37987-71). 2672 ALTO CLUTCH KITS FOR 1971EARLY 1984 SPORTSTER MODELS 030250 Clutch friction plate (OEM 37985-71) Fits all Sportster models 1971 thru early 1984. 8 needed per bike, sold each. 2671 CLUTCH FRICTION PLATE FOR 1971 1984 SPORTSTER 144475 Releasing disc (OEM 37876-52) High quality clutch release disc for 1952-1956 K models and 1957-1970 Sportster. 2668 CLUTCH RELEASE DISC 232554 Backing plate (OEM 38016-52, 38016-57) Heavy-Duty backing plate, made of heavy gauge steel. Fits 1952-1956 K models and 1957-1970 Sportster. 2667 CLUTCH BACKING PLATE Fits 1952-1956 K models and 1957-1970 Ironhead Sportster 236475 Clutch spring kit of 6, Barnett (OEM 38076-52) 232555 Heavy-Duty clutch spring kit of 6, Barnett (OEM 38076-52) Put the pressure on your clutch pack with Barnett clutch springs. 2666 BARNETT CLUTCH SPRINGS 232553 Steel drive plate, stock replacement .047" thick, each (OEM 37992-52) 232557 Extra thick (.059") drive plate, each 232558 Extra thick (.075") drive plate, each 232559 Extra thick (.119") drive plate, each Steel drive plates for use with OEM, Alto, Barnett & Zodiac friction discs, including sintered steel discs. Thicker plates help reduce warpage problems and also build up stack height as friction plates wear. 2665 BARNETT STEEL DRIVE PLATES 238640 Steel drive plates, set of 7 (OEM 37992-52) 238654 Steel drive plate, each (OEM 37992-52) Plates are.047"(1.2mm) thick. Fits 1952-1956 K models and 1957-1970 Sportster. 2664 ALTO STEEL DRIVE PLATES Fits 1952-1956 K models & 1957-1970 Sportster 232550 Complete High-Performance clutch kit with 8 Kevlar friction plates, 1 steel drive plate and a set of Heavy- Duty clutch springs. Adds 14%more clutch surface area. All the advantages from the new "Series-K96 Kevlar" material and more. Barnett has developed these kits for performance motors and those who need extra clutch control. The "trick" is to increase the friction surface by adding an extra friction and drive plate. And when there is space enough, Barnett has even increased the friction surface per plate as well. "Extra-Plate" clutch kits install like a stock clutch and include all required parts. 2663 "SERIESK96" KEVLAR EXTRAPLATE CLUTCH KITS Fits 1952-1956 K models & 1957-1970 Sportster. Can be used with OEM or aftermarket steel drive plates. 751240 Clutch friction plate kit of 7, Barnett Kevlar (OEM 37985-52A) Barnett is leading the wave of the future with the development of these smooth working, long lasting "Series-K96 Kevlar" clutches. Test results show that Barnett's asbestos free "Series-K96" clutches lasted 12 times longer than asbestos clutches and 3 times longer than semi-metallic. 2662 BARNETT KEVLAR CLUTCH KITS FOR K AND EARLY SPORTSTER MODELS Fits K & Sportster models 1952-1970 and many slipper and drage-race clutches 232556 Clutch friction plate, Barnett sintered.140", each (OEM37985-52A) A relatively low cost answer for the serious racer with a hot stroker or monster motor to a Full Drag Racing clutch. These.140" thick, race-proven friction plates are made of sintered iron fused to high tensile strength steel cores to make them resistant to wear and extreme high temperatures. Normally used as a slipper-clutch. 2661 BARNETT SINTERED FRICTION PLATES 19521956 K & 19571970 SPORTSTER CLUTCH 3Ȫ,ȥ$Ȫ< &Ȥ8Ȭ&Ƞ (Site 589)


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