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516400 - MCS CLUTCH RELEASE LEVER Your Price 31,52 €  

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Article-No.: 516400
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 1022
Manufacturer/Distribution: Motorcycle Storehouse / Motorcycle Storehouse
OEM Referenz: 37054-79A


Part Description:



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DRIVELINE - CLUTCH 13 1022 Speedo Seats & Luggage- racks Frame Chassis Suspension Forktubes Wheels Brake Fenders Gastanks Motorparts Gaskets Intake Transmission & Driveline Exhaust Electrical & Lights Handlebars, Cables & Mirrors Oil tanks Oil & Chemicals Fasteners Wind- shields Forward controls, Footpegs Miscellaneous 4-SPEED CLUTCH RELEASE ARMS Chrome plated clutch release arms for 41-86 Big Twin models and custom bikes with 4-speed transmissions. 41-64 Big Twin style 510130 41-E79 Big Twins with foot clutch (with tin primary) or mousetrap operated clutch. Repl. 37051-36 65-67 Big Twin style 901690 65-E79 Big Twins with foot clutch (with alu. primary) or mousetrap operated clutch. Repl. 37052-65 68-E79 Big Twin style 500237 68-E79 Big Twins and many custom appli- cations where the 4-speed transmission with rachet top is used. Repl. 37053-68 and 37053-78 L79-86 Big Twin style 516400 L79-86 Big Twin with late style rotary top 4-speed transm. Repl. 37054-79A Custom style / Stock style 510125 68-E79 Big Twins with rotary top transm. Also used in many custom applications. Repl. 37052-65 and 37053-68 500237 516400 510130 510125 901690 COLONY, CLUTCH ARM REBUILD KIT Fits 41-73 45 Cu.I. (750cc) side valve models. Includes bearings, pivot bolts and a lockwasher kit to rebuild the 45" Flathead clutch arm and sprocket cover. Chrome 989310 41-43 solo; 41-73 Servi-car 989311 44-52 solo models Zinc 929742 41-43 solo; 41-73 Servi-car 929743 44-52 solo models Parkerized 989314 41-43 solo; 41-73 Servi-car COLONY CLUTCH ARM FULCRUM REBUILD KIT Used to renew the clutch arm to throwout bearing surface. 989316 41-73 45" SV 989310 989311 989316 911024 911120 INNER BEARING Inner bearing only. Fits L75-17 B.T. (excl. 15-17 B.T. with assist & slip clutch; 2017 M8). 911120 Repl. 37312-75 THROW-OUT BEARING KIT Replacement late style throw-out bearing assembly. The Heavy-Duty bearing has more rollers to give better reliability and a longer life. Note: 911024 will not fit 87-17 B.T models due to its larger outside diameter. 18-21 M8 Softail; L75-17 B.T. (excl. 15-17 B.T. with slip & assist clutch; 2017 M8 Touring) 908195 Standard. Repl. 37312-75 961394 Jims. Standard 911024 Heavy-Duty (see note) 500985 Repl. retaining ring. Repl. 11096A 519795 XL CLUTCH RELEASE WORM AND LEVER Fits 54-70 K, KH and XL Sportster models. Repl. 37201-54. 519795 509450 THROW-OUT BEARING Early style throw-out bearing. Repl. 37310-39. 509450 36-E75 Big Twin 516570 CLUTCH PUSHRODS Replacement clutch pushrods for 36-86 4-speed Big Twin models. 516570 36-64 Big Twins. 13-1/4" long. Repl. 37285-36 and 37285-41 516575 65-69 Big Twins. 13-1/2" long. Repl. 37285-65 516580 70-E75 Big Twins. 14" long. Repl. 37285-70 516585 L75-E84 Big Twins. 14-1/8" long. Repl. 37285-75A 906985 L84-86 Big Twins. Repl. 37285-84 907025 OIL SLINGER Older models when they have been upgraded to the new style (75-up) throw out bearing. Repl. 37228-75. 907025 75-84 4-speed Big Twin LATE STYLE THROW-OUT BEARING KITS Complete kit to replace the L75-E84, or convert your early-style pre-75 systems to the late style 75-84 throw- out bearing system. Complete with oil slinger, bearing assembly, release finger and clutch pushrod. 519790 70-E84 4-sp Big Twins. Repl. 37305-70 900545 65-69 Big Twins. Repl. 37305-65 EARLY STYLE THROW-OUT BEARING KITS Complete kit to replace the stock 70-75 throw-out bearing system. Can also be used to convert your late style throw-out bearing system, 75-E84 type, to the earlier model. 519785 519785 519790 911028 THROW-OUT BEARING FOR 45" FLATHEADS Fits 41-73 45 Cu.I. (750cc) side valve models. Repl. 37287-41 and 2446-41. 911028 Import 989315 Colony


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