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GZP Skull valve stem covers w/blk eyes p

011485 - GZP Skull valve stem covers w/blk eyes p Your Price 8,32 €  

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Article-No.: 011485
Packaging Unit: 1
Catalog page: 12-052
Manufacturer/Distribution: Zodiac Genuine / Zodiac International
OEM Referenz: n/a


Part Description:

Black eyes

Catalog Text:

The finishing touch for you Skull-Maniacs. A tiny, classy item that will show your eye for details. Available with black painted eyes. Sold in pairs.

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12-052 HELMETS & AUDIO PRIMARY & CLUTCH CONTROL CABLES & HYDRAULIC LINES OIL, OIL FILTERS & OIL COOLERS SEAT TRANSMISSION FOOT CONTROLS HARDWARE EXHAUST GASKET & SEALS FRONT FORKS WINDSHIELD ELECTRIC & LIGHT FINAL DRIVE FRAME & REAR SUSPENSION LUGGAGE ENGINE ELECTRICS WHEELS & TIRES FENDER & STRUTS TOOLS & CHEMICALS INTAKE BRAKE GAS & OIL TANK TECH TIPS & CROSS REF OEM>ZPN ENGINE HANDLEBAR, HAND CONTROLS & MIRRORS GAUGES & DASHES ALPHABETICAL INDEX 754632 Liqui Moly tire fitting paste, 5kg bucket For fast and easy mounting and removal of tires. Ensures very good slide action. Chemically neutral to rubber and metal. Prevents creep of the tire on rim. Improves the leakproofness of tubeless tires. Easy on the skin and nontoxic. 3355 LIQUI MOLY TIRE FITTING PASTE 322036 Chrome brass tubeless tire valves, pair Short style tire valves for use in most wheels for tubeless tire applications. Valve as well as the hexagon valve stem caps is made from pure brass with a long lasting, perfect chrome finish. Valve base is made from rubber and fits 11.10mm (7/16") diameter hole. Sold in sets of 2. 3353 CHROME PLATED BRASS TIRE VALVE FOR TUBELESS TIRES 322026 Angled long-stem tubeless tire valves, pair These chrome plated angled tire valves are 2 1/4" (5.7cm) long and fit 11.10mm (5/16") holes. Great for use on extreme wide wheels and applications with little space where it can be a pain to reach the tire valve to bring up your tire pressure. Come complete with hexagon valve stem caps and are sold in pair. 3352 ANGLED LONGSTEM TUBELESS TIRE VALVES 322021 Clear anodized, Ø7.5mm, with hexagon caps 322020 Chrome plated, Ø6.2mm, with round caps 322022 Gold plated, Ø7.5mm, with caps for inner valve removal Unlike ordinary tubeless tire valves, usually find in most tire shops, these valves are available in clear anodized aluminum, chrome or gold plated. Sold in sets of 2 for one motorcycle. 3351 TUBELESS TIRE VALVES 322037 90 degree tire valve adapter, each 322038 90 degree tubeless tire valve, each Sometimes it is hard to reach the tire valve on wide wheels or wire wheels. These 90 degree tire valve adapters or tubeless tire valves make life a lot easier. Tubeless tire valve has a rubber base and fits 11.10mm (7/16") diameter hole. Chrome plated and sold each. 3350 ANGLED TIRE VALVES AND VALVE ADAPTERS 711860 Tubeless tire valve rubber Short rubber tire valve for use in most wheels for tubeless tire applications. Fits 11.5mm (0.453") diameter hole. Sold in packs of 25. 3349 RUBBER TIRE VALVE FOR TUBELESS TIRES D. 45-Caliber Design 723211 Chrome plated brass C. Nugget Design 723206 Chrome plated brass 723207 Blue anodized aluminum 723208 Gold anodized aluminum 723209 Green anodized aluminum 723210 Red anodized aluminum B. Acorn Nut Design 723201 Chrome plated brass 723202 Blue anodized aluminum 723203 Gold anodized aluminum 723204 Green anodized aluminum 723205 Red anodized aluminum A. Recessed Design 723200 Chrome plated brass Tire valve stemcaps available InRecessed-, Acorn- Nugget-, and 45-Caliber design. Most designs are available In various colors to match your bike's color scheme. Made In the U.S. by Midwest Acorn. Sold In sets of 4. 3348 TIRE VALVE STEM CAPS 011485 Black eyes The finishing touch for you Skull-Maniacs. A tiny, classy item that will show your eye for details. Available with black painted eyes. Sold in pairs. 3347 VALVESTEM COVERS 232572 Anodized valve caps red 232573 Anodized valve caps blue 232575 Valve caps Chrome 232576 Anodized valve caps black Made of aluminum, polished and brightly colored to match and put the finishing touch on your bike. Hex design is practical as well as attractive. Sold in sets of 2. 3346 VALVESTEM CAPS :Ƞ(ȝ/ȫ 7ȡ5ȝ6 WHEEL & TIRE ACCESSORIES (Site 810)


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